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Get off to a flying start!

Beginning a startup is exciting, especially when you have a brilliant idea and a great team! But are they enough for your business to succeed in the global market?

You need to know how to make effective sales pitches and tell the story of your startup in an engaging way. Don't set off without a map – you might get lost. Let us help you plot your course!

Working with us, you'll learn how to pitch your ideas, attract attention to your business, and fine-tune your language to reach your customers, wherever they may be.



Our service works on three levels, to suit the stage your marketing is at.

Get your startup flying with Propeller

About us


More than the sum of its parts.

Atomi Creative Marketing and Koala Consulting and Training have joined forces in Propeller, a special partnership offering promotional services for startups.

Propeller's expertise lies in building the foundation for your marketing and selecting the right tools to reach your customers. Our long experience in global marketing and communications training is at your service.

Let's talk about where you want to take your business.

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